Go-ride session outdoors usual time all welcome!



Before session starts

For those riders competing at Darley Moor we will carry out a gear check to ensure you have the correct gear set up before race day (Geoff/Simon to carry out).

There will also be a 10 minute briefing from Geoff on kit and race preparation to ensure you are all ready to go for the race (parents welcome to be part of this as well).

See you all Wednesday!


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3 Responses to UPDATED – Wednesday night training 6th March

  1. Josh Housley says:

    what time does the session start tomorrow night? Is it 7 or 7:30? Thanks

  2. mags says:

    7 for 7:30, but there’s NO indoor training tomorrow Josh – you could join the younger ones outside … you could pick up some very useful skill – MTB tho’.

  3. Josh Housley says:

    Yea, I know about the indoor training being cancelled, but do you know what time Simon/Geoff’s race briefing for Darley moor is? Thanks 🙂