We are now but a week away from the first of the local closed circuit road races at Darley Moor, Ashbourne.  I would very much like to know which of our elite set of mini-road racers are going to be riding so that I can keep an eye out for them, help, cheer them on and look out for the results.

If anyone still has any questions about gear restrictions then please get in touch with me and I will do my best to help.  I will be taking screw drivers, chalk and tape measures with me to the first race just in case there are any last minute adjustments which need to be made.

I will try to remember to bring my “gearing” spreadsheet and a laptop with me on Wednesday night, but if anyone wants a copy before then I can email them a copy.

I am hoping that over the season I will be able to publish regular race reports for events that our younger riders have entered, so if you are going to a race tell me all about it.  Be aware, for those of you who are used to the cyclocross, youth road races often only publish the first, second and third place riders.

Have fun.


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2 Responses to Road Season (2013) Youngsters

  1. geoff giddings says:

    Josh will be riding can we all park together and maybe get the heanor banner and flag I might be able to borrow an eziup from work to warm up under
    To make this all work best ensure you get there one hour before the races start for a warm up as a team on the circuit I will take you all round if you like

  2. Bob Howe says:

    Excellent idea, Geoff. 🙂

    I’ll watch you all warm up and do ….. support stuff. 🙂