To all club riders at notts and derby events we will be having a team warm up and course recce at future races when I am around

As race sign on is fraught I would suggest anyone riding the early races to get there at least 1 1/2 hours before the race to give you time to sign on and ride a few practise laps

Race Day Prep Suggestion

U9 and U12

Arrive from 10am and sign on

Get into race clothes and meet at the Heanor Flag that will be situated by the side of the course near to the car park each week

Warm up laps will commence around 10.15 to give us time to ride the course and get a few laps in before the U9 start lining up for their 11am start

Anyone missing the warm up start don’t worry if you want to ride round and get some hints and tips wait by the flag and join in as we pass by

If any youths, vets or seniors would like to ride around as a team let’s decide on a time as races are later and course longer that the U9 U12s

I hope this will bond us together more progress your riding skills to enable you to have more fun and become more competitive

Thanks all see you Saturday





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