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The National Clarion has the following events scheduled for Autumn 2014:

  • Sun 21st Sept – Clarion Road Race Champs at Mallory Park (motor racing circuit) in Leicestershire. We hope to have youth races too!
  • Fri-Sun 10-12 Oct – Clarion Autumn ride out and cycling weekend in Sherwood Forest at the YHA
  • Sun 12th Oct – Clarion Hill Climb Champs – Ollerton, North Notts – run by Tuxford Clarion

National membership

Seniors: Pay the subs for National Clarion before the event (not on the day), and this will allow them to ride the event, AND give them membership for the whole of 2015. (Current subs are £6 for seniors, increasing to £8 for 2015, so it’s a good deal)

Youth: Any Youth members who pay the race entry fees on the day of the event(s) will be allowed to join the Clarion for free, for 2014 and 2015.

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