Geoff is hoping to run an outdoor off-road training session this Wednesday as long as it doesn’t snow, so wrap up!!!  I have been told that these sessions are part of Geoff’s coaching course, but I believe that the seniors are embarrassed by the youngsters superior roller skills and want them to go back outside as quickly as possible.  😉

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4 Responses to Outdoor Session for Youngsters this Wednesday

  1. Josh Housley says:

    So I’m guessing that there still is a roller session on Wednesday for us older ones?

  2. Bob Howe says:

    I imagine that there will be Josh. I think the plan is for Geoff to take the youngsters out for an outdoor session and the “old ones” can train as usual. I am sure that he would be happy for you to join the youngsters if Sunday’s coaching day gave you a taste for cold coaching sessions. 🙂

  3. mags says:

    We’ll definitely still be there Josh!

  4. Josh Housley says:

    OK, thanks guys 🙂