Hope everyone enjoyed todays LE Reliabilty Ride, and got around safely.
Certainly tested my legs – lack of road miles in past few weeks caught up with me! But still managed 100 miles overall so I suppose it was worth it.
Thought it was a good route and most of you seemed to be going pretty well – lets hope it stands us in good stead for the coming months.

Not sure what route next week – sort something later and will post details later in week.
If anyone wants to set a route please feel welcome to post.

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2 Responses to Todays Run 3rd Feb

  1. JayTalbo says:

    It was a good ride, I finished with josh & Matt
    I clocked up 83 miles, must have deviated!
    Goog riding with Geoff and I pushed Matt and josh
    For some final through and off with tired legs.
    They did well.
    I won’t be riding next week as I’m working away.

  2. geoff giddings says:

    Top ride by everyone including the two young uns glad you all got back ok I was we’ll and truly cooked on way home Merida man caught me up again just under 80 on my clock well done to all that was tough