Eldon looks happier than he should - perhaps he's seen a mermaid

Eldon looks happier than he should – perhaps he’s seen a mermaid

Despite a damp and unpromising start, we had a good ride today. A small flood on the cycle path between Shardlow and Castle Donington left the bikes with clean rims, but lulled riders into a false sense of security. Shortly afterwards, we were treated to a deluxe bike/leg cleansing – it was deeper than the front mech! Once clear of the water, Lee had to stop to remove seaweed from his gears and John was heard questioning the effectiveness of his waterproof socks.

John finds deep water

John finds deep water

Several canny riders used single leg pedalling to good effect, not only keeping one of their feet dry, but also leaving more room for socks on the cafe radiator. Surprisingly, there was only a faint rivery smell.

Jason T demonstrates how to stay 50% drier

Jason T demonstrates how to stay 50% drier

The rest of the ride was uneventful by comparison. Same time, same place next week.

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2 Responses to Club Run – 9th December

  1. JayTalbo says:

    A great ride today chaps. Rain, wind oh and a smattering of sunshine just to warm the cockles (in our mechs & bottom brackets from the early team bath!!)
    We missed the ice this week, but in true Noah stylee Matt led us 2 by 2 through water moses couldn’t have parted!!!
    Tip top!!!

  2. jasonr says:

    You crazy lot…….would have loved to have been there if i didnt have the cold that keeps on giving….thanks for the amusement though