Great ride today with fantastic weather – Riber was the icing on the cake! The picture shows Jason R saying something about the climb as he reached the top.

Jason R on the Riber climb

Jason R on the Riber climb

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2 Responses to Today’s club run – November 11th

  1. jasonr says:

    Pure torture, burning lungs, thighs on fire, heart maxed out . But spot on the pleasure / pain threshold. If anyone is wondering – this high speed photography is only possible because i was made to stay back (lol, aka last)……great ride guys !

    • Josh Housley says:

      Was this high speed you talk of around, 4/5-6mph, because I know that these were the speeds I was doing up this beast of a hill!!! Anyway, yea great ride guys… NSSG! lol (Our little acronym that only the three of us will probably remember of, NOT SO SLOW GROUP!)