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5 Responses to Sun Run 30.09

  1. JayTalbo says:

    Great run today some really good climbs and the weather helped out too!
    Well impessed with Josh, especially on the 42 ring!
    We’ll be sorting a 39 for him this week,
    Shame there’s not more folk out, we need to encourage more riders for a “sunday social” earn ya cake run.
    Get your legs in the air john, that’ll help…..and as for you the “bagder”???

  2. Josh Housley says:

    Yea,it was a really good ride, had a great time 🙂 Just wandered when Jason said he would drop that 39 ring down? He has my number but I don’t have his, so I can’t get to contact him. Does anyone know how I can get to contact him? thanks 🙂

  3. Josh Housley says:


  4. Josh Housley says:

    I can make it this Sunday, are we still riding out? 🙂