Mallory Park RR League

Mallory Park RR League

Next Tuesday (19th May) comes Heanor’s turn to help out at the Mallory Park Road Race League.

We need to get a few helpers to Mallory:

  • You can see below the help required
  • Helping clubs have benefitted with a reduced entry fee for their riders
  • Please let Geoff Giddings or Jon Brough know if your available and what time you might arrive.

Thank you!

Here are Mike Twelves’ notes regarding the event:

Theres an organisers guide on the website in the Organisers section, plus track layout for the night

What’s worked well so far is 1 or 2 people getting there early, say 5.45 to help get the start area sorted and get signing on going. Another 2 or 3 people arriving a bit later, say by 6, to get the track layout done and help with signing on. I’ve found 2 people works best at signing on, 1 helping Katie doing the sign on of registered riders and another doing new riders, which is much less now.

Jim W will do gear check, but if anyone is available (say after doing track layout) to help him that’s always useful. Also need at least 1 person calling numbers for the Comm during the races and 1 person manning the top track entry gate (boring job but really important, last Wednesday Gypo’s came through and got on the track whilst Tri riders were training) and I’ll be around to cover and help with any of this.

After the racings over the track needs returning to how it was and I need a bit of help packing away, but do some of it during the races now, getting a bit more organised.

With 4 people its relatively easy. the key is a couple being there early to get set up and be ready for when riders start arriving. I’m generally there from 5.30.

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One Response to Mallory Park RR League – 19 May 2015

  1. mags says:

    We’re in 🙂
    Mary & Nigel