Hi all just a note to let you know that I will be taking a back seat on Sun runs for the forseable future as the attendance has been poor and is obviously not what the members want.
Peter Campbell is prepared to try out a run with an earlier start as some of you prefer to go out earlier in order to get back by midday.
In addition Jason Talbot wants to run an offroad ride one Sunday in Theives Wood.
Look out for details on the website.
I will probably do a run once a month and will post details as appropriate.
May be what we need to do is have a mix of rides on Sundays to give some variety – if anyone has something in mind then please feel free to organise and post details on website.

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One Response to Sun Runs

  1. PeteC says:

    I’ve planned a run out to Southwell on Sunday 20th. For those with a Garmin here is the course: http://connect.garmin.com/course/4985297 Meet at 7:30am at the Market Place. 47 miles, 2.5-3 hour ride.