You may recall that earlier in February local youngsters got involved in British Cycling’s Young Volunteers programme, here are Henry’s thoughts about his experience:

Young volunteers - in the field!

Young volunteers – in the field!

The two days on the cycling course was a great experience for me, we learnt how to handle a bike correctly, make sure the bike was safe to ride and we learnt about all the different types of cycling that you could compete in, the tutors was great, they didn’t just let us sit down and copy out of a book they made it interactive and a fun lesson on biking.

Young Volunteers skills

Young Volunteers skills

The second day was at Shipley Park where we helped out with the go-ride event, we made up exercises and games for the groups to challenge themselves against and I enjoyed it from start to finish, altogether the two days were a great learning curve for me as I learnt an awful lot and I would advise people to go on this course so people could see that cycling is a great sport to be involved in.

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