At the AGM we discussed a senior training night to focus on road skills this was suggested as an alternative night to wednesday

Suggestion; (when clocks change)

Tuesday evening – Heanor chain gang for club members, where we can pick a circuit and focus on honing road race skills for all

This should be better than us going on other clubs chain gangs because when your dropped its a lonely road home

Meet Heanor market place to leave 6.30pm training should then be over 8.00pm leaving later might not work for riders with families, also means you can ride home afterwards and get back at a sensible hour

Suggest wednesday then continues as a sociable club ride out for riders not into road skills and want to enjoy a nice evening ride

Propose that road training changes to cyclo cross off ride from July onwards which gives 8 weeks before cross season starts

Comments please all for discussion wednesday club night


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One Response to Senior Summer Training Proposal

  1. jcgott says:

    Agree with a separate session for race training.
    Just need to pick appropriate venue.

    There will be some/most who cant do 2 nights in a row so I think we can be flexible on Weds and make it a dual purpose ride – recovery session for those who trained previous night, brisk ride doe those who cant do Tuesday. Bit of a pursuit like we did last year.