Well! What a night …
The youngsters we really pushing themselves this evening with many of them managing one or no handed on the rollers!
The younger seniors did a 10 mile TT:
Will 16:49
Josh 21:29
Jason 21:32 (we’ll let you be “young” for tonight 😉 )
Ana 23:41
Then Will was (finally!) presented with his trophy from the 2012 season Forest Town Track League – 2nd senior!

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3 Responses to Skills, spills & trophies

  1. Bob Howe says:

    It was a great night …. full of drama of one kind or another. Quite a few falls from the youngsters which shows that they were pushing themselves on their rollers.

    I am curious …. how do you measure the 10 miles when the riders on rollers?

  2. mags says:

    Bikes involved have a calibrated computer, set to zero miles.
    Start a clock, pedal until the computer says 10 miles … note the time at that moment. Done 🙂

  3. Bob Howe says:

    Doh! It’s obvious …. bike computers. The strange thing is that I don’t remember being hit with the idiot stick today but clearly at some point I took a hefty whack (probably about 5 minutes before I asked that question). 🙂