have published an article about a CityCross event being held in Halifax on the 3rd March.  The event is described as a “unique urban cyclocross race that is set within a listed and decaying abandoned mill in central Halifax”.

The course will feature rubble heaps, barriers to jump and other man made obstacles.

There will be races for adults, youths and under 12s of all abilities.  This could be very entertaining.

Further details and information can be found at

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2 Responses to CityCross (Urban Cyclocross)

  1. mags says:

    Clashes with the club cluster session at the velodrome which I was rather hoping to fill (7 Heanor riders) with budding young racers … perhaps this could be a stop off on the way home?

  2. Bob Howe says:

    I thought that date looked familiar. Cluster session trumps citycross any day. Ignore this post kids, go and enjoy the velodrome, I know for certain that Carter would not want to miss the Heanor cluster session for anything.