Ever fancied running your own pro cycling team?  Road.cc are running their fantasy cycling competition again for the 2013 season.

The rules are simple, you pick your riders for each competition (Tour Down Under, Tour de France etc) and your riders gain points for their finishing position and any sprint or King of the Mountains points they gain during each stage.

Some competitions are free to play and some are only open to premium members (at a cost of £10 for the season).

You can chose to play as a “purist” in which case you pick your team at the start of each tour, or you can change the team for each stage.  I wouldn’t dream of influencing how anyone chooses to play the game, but the last option is defiantly cheating.  😉

Head over to http://fantasy.road.cc/ and sign up.  If there are enough of us playing then I will set up a Heanor mini league.

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