Manchester velodrome

Manchester velodrome

Josh, Sam, my friend Mike and myself joined members of the Notts Police and club riders from various Notts clubs including Retford and District Wheelers and Mapperley CC for a track session at the National Cycling Centre.

The evening was organised by Graeme Waters, aided by son Matt and Derby Mercury coach Steve Palmer who lead us around the track and offered advice. The session focused on track awareness and etiquette.Being novices to the track and being thrown in with the experienced group, Graeme put both Mike and my worries at ease with, “if you can ride a bike, you’ll be fine.” With three blocks of 20 minutes ahead we had a quick roll around the Cote d’Azur to get used to the bikes before Matt lead us on to the blue line on the home straight. With a pounding heart and body full of adrenalin, it wasn’t long before the group was riding a tight line along the blue line. Happy with this Graeme stacked us in pairs and then back to a single line, the first block of 20 over.

The second block, Graeme made us ride pairs and threes before moving on to a session of lumpy as Matt lead us up and down the track in a flowing snake. At the end Graeme said it was one of the best sessions of lumpy he’d seen. Big grins all around.

The final block of 20 minutes and time for some pairs and single sprints. What an adrenalin rush igniting the burners and dropping from the blue line to the sprinters line. The single sprint certainly checked winter fitness levels.

Thank you to Mary for organising for us to attend the session and to Graeme for an excellently run session and positive support throughout.

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One Response to Manchester Velodrome 9th December

  1. Josh Housley says:

    Brilliant session, big thanks to Graeme and Mary for organising it all for us, really enjoyed it 🙂