Dates have been released for the Darley Moor races. These races are Closed Circuit (traffic free) road races. The races at these events cover Adult and Youth categories so they cater for everyone from the under 8 rider all the way up to the adult category 1 racer.

For adults there are “Regional B” races for cat 3 and 4 riders and “National B” races for cats 3, 2 and 1.  All of the events have Youth cat E (under 8),  D (under 10), C (under 12), B (under 14) and A (under 16) races. The dates are :

9th March 2013

16th March 2013

23rd March 2013

13th April 2013

11th May 2013

8th June 2013

13th July 2013

Be aware that if you are new to road racing that you will probably want to get a British Cycling race license, otherwise you will have to pay for a day license each time that you race.  This is the case for all categories, including the under 8s, under 10s and under 12s etc.  You can save money by joining British Cycling, the club will have the forms that you will need to complete.  Youth riders get a free race license with Silver membership and British Cycling offer some very good deals for new members with either discounted or free first year membership.  Having a race license will also allow you to gain license points and these points will allow the rider to be ranked within the country and will give the club points towards it’s national ranking.

For those of you who have been attending the Sheffield EIS coaching sessions, all that coaching covering riding in bunches and getting close to other riders’ wheels will all make sense once you start road racing.

Younger riders, and more importantly their parents, need to be aware that in road racing British Cycling enforces gear restrictions at each of the age categories.  These restrictions state the maximum distance a bike can travel through one full rotation of the crank.  There are plenty of people at the club who can help you with this, and there are probably some who like me have nothing better to do than to work out the perfect cassette and tyre setup for an IslaBike.

If you are wondering what to do with that cyclocross  bike when the cross season ends, or you were lucky enough to get a road bike for Christmas, then get British Cycling membership and start road racing.  More closed circuit races and series will be announced (there are usually some in Grantham, Lincoln, Gainsborough and Litchfield) and they are a brilliant way to enjoy the summer!

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