Mid week training ride starting @ 7pm from Aldercar.
Same course as last year but with an addition for the faster riders.
This is a training ride rather than a Sun social type ride.
Ride together as a warm up to Steam Mill Lane where group splits up to faster/slower group.
Slower group turns left at Steam Mill Lane and rides through to Denby.
Faster group rides on to Ripley Market Place before turning left to Denby to pusue the slower group.
Both groups meet up @ Denby and ride together to Kilburn Toll Bar, faster group turn right up Rawson Green and then left up Killis Lane and down to Coxbench.
Slower group continues on from Kilburn down to Coxbench and turns left towards Sandy Lane.
Hopefully towards the top of Sandy Lane both groups will come together and ride through to Stanley Common, Ilkeston, Heanor and back down to Aldercar.
This week we will ride all together to reconoitre the route so you are all familiar with it.
Remember – this is NOT a race and we will get more benefit if we ride together and learn group riding, through and off skills etc.
After the first couple of weeks if you get dropped we will not necessarily wait for you as there are plenty of opportunities to cut the route short if you are struggling. Hopefully though 2 or 3 groups may be formed so you can ride together with people of similar ability.
Please bring your lights for the first few weeks until the light improves.

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2 Responses to Wed Run 3rd April

  1. JayTalbo says:

    Hi all,
    Ive been signed off by my doc post op for 6 weeks so im going to miss loads of cycling and cake!
    I want to order some club kit from impsport for when im better and the good weather but I cant find the link To the impsport code for our club kit…….anyone got any ideas what it is or where I can get?
    Any help appreciated
    Cheers jay

  2. mags says:

    It’s here … on the Club clothing page http://heanorclarion.org.uk/about/club-clothing/