white one has some small marks on it but both in good condition



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3 Responses to deda zero 80mm x2 stems – 1x white, 1x black boxed, £8 each (clarion members only)

  1. Josh Housley says:

    Hi Jason,
    This is going to sound really off topic, but have you got a 2nd hand saddle I could buy off you, as mine is getting quite uncomfortable now :(?
    Josh H

  2. jasonr says:

    Hi Josh

    No i havent ive given them away.

    I did give Sam one, a selle italia – white red and black, on the condition he uses it and if not gives (not sells)it someone else who may gain some benefit out of it.

    Its new, just been used 10 times ish….. ask him if its in use or tried and rejected…if the latter he should pass on to you to try.

    • Josh Housley says:

      Ok Jason, Thanks anyway 🙂 Ill see what Sam thinks to the seat. Will you be down rollering tonight? If you are Ill see you then 🙂