Tomorrow run obviously subject to weather but main roads should be clear.
Suggest A6 over to Bakewell – spot of culture @ Lavendar Tea Rooms. 50 miles.
Next week is Long Eaton Reliabilty Ride – 65 miles.
Good route – opportunity to ride with a fast group if you wish and test your legs or ride together as a group.
Details on their website
If you are interested let us know and we will do this rather than our own ride – if no interest will sort out route for ourselves.

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8 Responses to Sunday Runs

  1. jasonr says:

    Hi john

    Im not sure if im out tomorrow because of time, but may come out (but not stop for break)

    i will be out next sunday though…..hope youre all well, feeling like caged bear!!!!!


  2. Lee Perkins says:

    I’m in & arranged to pick up Chris Riley at Sainsburys.

  3. jasonr says:

    Saw you all today, ….had to get it all in early and none stop, good to spin the legs though!


    Hope you had a good one

  4. jasonr says:

    Ps John interested in the reliability ride if the numbers are ok.

  5. jcgott says:

    So far Chris,Lee,JasonT,Matt x 2 and me are interested – so all looks good.

  6. Eldon says:

    Count me in for sunday, do we all meet at Sawley or meet at Heanor Mkt as usual and all make our way there as a group?