Ride over to Southwell this Sunday – @ 50 – 55 miles.
Undulating route but not too hilly.
If you dont have time to do full ride you can cut short at Blidworth making it @ 30 mile ride.
9.15 Market Place as usual.
Route details here:

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5 Responses to Sunday Run 6th Jan

  1. JayTalbo says:

    Hi John/Matt,
    Which way will you be heading from
    Heanor for Southwell, could we meet
    Near brinsley / underwood?
    Cheers jay

  2. jasonr says:

    If we do come through brinsley/underwood then ill join there….if not HMP as usual

  3. Josh Housley says:

    Me and Jay Talbot are meeting at Brinsley chip shop at 9:30, then waiting for the others there. If you meet us there at least you know that the others will be coming that way.

  4. jasonr says:

    Strava tag changed……..

    Really enjoyed the ride out today, thanks all

  5. jcgott says:

    Great turnout today – hope you all enjoyed the run.
    Matt R is sorting out next weeks run.
    If anyone else has a route that they would like to share then please “shout up”.
    Be good to get some more input than just Matt and myself.