Last nights Annual AGM discussed the possibility of updating the look of club race wear.

The colour scheme is to remain Red, White and Black in order to integrate with existing kit.

The meeting reviewed a selection of possible designs put forward by Andy Turner and shortlisted the 3 shown below:

Possible kit designs

Possible new Heanor Clarion kit designs

A decision will be made by member votes at the Prize presentation evening (date to be confirmed).

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5 Responses to Possible new look kit

  1. mags says:

    I’m liking number 1, but I’m never likely to race in any of them!!

  2. IanW says:

    I’m liking Design 3. The large areas of red will be a good safety feature when on the road and visually stand out when racing.
    Plus everyone knows red cars, bikes, kit etc. are faster than other colours! Ha!

  3. jcgott says:

    I’ll go for No 2 then!

    Will send out designs with minutes etc in next week or so – just need to confirm pres eve.

  4. andy v says:

    Dont you think No3 would go pink when its been washed a few times ?