Second day of a tough weekend – 26th April – for Joshua Giddings with the Derby Youth Omnium – the first real cycling event in the new Derby Arena – it was hot indoors and a very hard race.

We got to Derby early the first event was a 500m time trial I found this hard to keep on the black line but was fastest rider Event 2 was the elimination race I nearly got caught out when down to five riders but sprinted past Ben Chilton to put him out then got 2nd to a Halesowen rider Event 3 was a scratch race I was ok and got 2nd again to the same rider which meant he was now leading Event 4 was a Kieran race I loved this as they used the derny I got first draw and was sat behind the derny it pulled off with 1.1/2 laps to go and I went for it too win the Halesowen rider got 4th so I was in the lead by two points for the last race Event 5 was a points race with three sprints I was very tired and didn’t score in the first sprint but didn’t want to loose and won the next and second in the final one to get second in this race and win the overall omnium by one point.


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