Mince pie run 2012

Mince pie run 2012

Matt still recovering from his fall last week so he has asked me to cover for him.

Ride is down to Belton – meet up with other cyclists for the Annual Mince Pie Run @ Belton.
Route Matt has planned is: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/159849560
I am not as familiar with the route back from Belton so we may take a couple of detours – ie miss out the hills (he wont be there so he wont mind!).
Mainly flattish route – just hope its not too flooded!

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11 Responses to Sun 23rd Dec – Mince Pie Run

  1. Josh Housley says:

    Are we still meeting at Heanor Market place before we meet the others?

  2. Braddo says:

    I give up trying to find the route, it wont let me, are you coming through Ilkeston as i intend to join you at some point – only if its dry, if its wet im off to work instead.

  3. jasonr says:

    Ill be coming to heanor first but, im expecting light rain (ever the optimist)…. ill diwnload the route josh but, im sure JG et al will be at HMP as usual.

  4. Braddo says:

    Forcast looking better,
    Hopefully not flooded along long lane.
    Guys i will meet you by Trowell church, im guessing around 9.45.
    Plenty of other clubs riding out that way too.

  5. Josh Housley says:

    Ok,so there will there be riders at heanor market place who I can meet at 9:15 as usual?

  6. jonathan914 says:

    I’ve not done a run out with heanor clarion before would anyone mind if I tagged along Will you be meeting at heanor market?

    • jasonr says:

      Hi Jonathan only just noticed your comment sorry about that you’d have been more than welcome to come. There is a shorter 35 mile Trent lock run, that will be well attended and straight forward. Check the site but I think it’s the 30th

  7. jasonr says:

    The weather is looking really positive……lets hope it holds out for this christmas classic !

  8. Braddo says:

    Thanks to the intrepid 4…..turned into a bit of an adventure today,what with all the floods etc…but we got there only to find the mince pie run had run out of mince pies.
    A great ride out…can tell im not match fit tho.
    Happy xmas to all.

    • jasonr says:

      Yes thanks all, JG provided the mince pies back at his, so all was not lost…. Have a good Christmas and see you at the Trent lock run

  9. jcgott says:

    Thanks Ian and Jason for getting us there and back.
    Not got much of clue once we got thwarted by the floods!
    Have a good Christmas and ride out on 27th.
    See you next week.