A little bit of water never hurt anybody ... ?

A little bit of water never hurt anybody … ?

Fantastic winter weather today and not quite as cold as it looked either. The impromptu skating contest near Etwall saw four club members displaying a range of skills on the ice, all vying for a place in the second round. Only Josh and Eldon made it through, their artistic display bringing tears to the eyes of the crowd.

Club members performing near Etwall

Club members performing near Etwall

Well done to Sam who came out on his first club ride, showing real determination to make it round.

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4 Responses to Sunday Run – 2nd December

  1. Josh Housley says:

    Yes Matt, a very tough contest, but I’ve been practising my ‘power sliding’ skills across the ice for the final… hopefully I will just have the edge, with that up my sleeve, on Eldon in the final showdown, but then again, he is a tough rival!….. HAHAH…. Anyway, all things considered, I really enjoyed it 🙂 and a very well done to Sam!

  2. jasonr says:

    Oh gentlemen…. A thoroughly enjoyable ride ! Sam take credit where it’s due mate you did great…. As for he ice antics I still can’t stop smiling!

  3. jasonr says:

    Ps where’s the photo of the rink Matt ?

  4. MattR says:

    This is the best I can do Jason. It doesn’t really show the full horror does it? I keep having flashbacks and going rigid with terror. Spot the non-cyclocross rider!