EIS track - Sheffield

EIS track - Sheffield

Following on from the success of the Cluster sessions the coaching team who have been delivering these sessions have discovered that we can use theĀ English Institute of Sport Sheffield facilities … if we have clean bikes!!

So on Sunday 1st April 2012 between 3 and 5pm there will be session at EIS.

This session is for beginner and intermediate riders only – not our older, advanced riders. The session will cost Ā£4 per rider.

Deadline for reserving your place is 19th March.

About the EIS

The EIS is an indoor running track – you might have seen it on TV when the indoor athletics comes from Sheffield this is the place – and hence the need for CLEAN BIKES.

The track is slightly banked – not as much as Manchester, but more than Forest Town – and doesn’t have an inside “wall” – hence there won’t be any racing and not inviting the more experienced riders.

If you are interested please let me know:

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